Total Rewards

Total Rewards

Our Purpose is Supporting YOU: Our main goal is to create a comprehensive total rewards program for our employees that best supports growth, engagement, and development opportunities in a motivating work environment.

Under the total rewards umbrella, we ensure that our pay structure is competitively aligned to provide our staff with the most viable and robust benefits package. That includes a defined pension plan with a guaranteed pension upon vesting, as well as a fully funded employee medical plan, student loan repayment program, tuition reimbursement, legal and financial planning assistance, longevity bonuses, and an employer-sponsored 529 education savings plan.

We are committed to implementing valuable programs that will inspire your loyalty and uphold a successful long-standing partnership.

Employee Compensation

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

AvMed Health Plan option for full-time employees, Housestaff employee, or part-time employees with benefits status. As an eligible Jackson Health System employee, you may enroll yourself and eligible dependents for coverage in one of the offered medical plans. The available medical plans are:
• Jackson First HMO
• Jackson Select HMO
• Jackson Point of Service (POS)

Jackson First Concierge

Dental Insurance

Dental Provider Directory

PPO Group Number – 19083
DHMO Group Number – 78933

Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance

Davis Plan offers a network of providers that service your eye care needs with a modest member copayment.

Links: Davis Reimbursement Form | Print ID Card | Davis | Vision Base Plan Summary | Vision Premier Plan Summary

Guide Links: Benefits Information

Vision Provider Directory

Davis Vision

Vision Care Processing Unit
Member Service: 1-877-393-7363



This program is an annual, voluntary wellness program designed to motivate you to maintain and improve your well-being by offering a cash incentive for the completion of eligible activities. Employees enrolled in any of the Jackson insurance plans are eligible to participate.

Guide Links: Wheel of Wellness |  Wellness Clinic  |  Headspace App 

Links: Personal Health Assessment with AvMed  | 2023-2024 Smoking Cessation Full Schedule | Talkspace Member Service Sheet RFL | CHIP Program Outline | Tava Health | Kula for Karma | Employee Wellness Resources Flyer | Headspace Live Events 2024 | Wellness leadership toolkit


Wellness Provider Directory

Jackson Health System

Zen Den Locations

Zen Den Locations

Flexible Work Options

Flexible Work Options

Achieve better quality work-life integration with flexible work options that work for you. Talk with your leader to find out if your role is eligible. For more information, click here to review the available options. To submit or cancel a flexible work option, please visit Infor Cloud.

Employee Assistance Program

Resources for Living, LLC

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement
In keeping with our commitment to help our employees succeed, Jackson Health System offers tuition assistance for employees interested in advancing their careers. Employees may apply for courses leading to a degree or certificate. Courses taken in non-degree seeking status are evaluated on an individual basis. Only eligible, pre-approved courses are reimbursed after required documents are submitted.
For more information, contact:
Human Resources

Links: Tuition Reimbursement | Educational Road Map

How to Apply

To apply for our Tuition Reimbursement program:
• Review the Policies & Procedures Guideline (JHS Tuition Policy)
• Submit an application via
• Upload all required documentation to the system once your course has completed (Receipt, Transcripts)

All applications must be submitted within a minimum of two weeks before the start date of the course, test or certificate program. Notification of approval will be sent via email.

School Affiliations – This is a list of the nursing schools, colleges and/or universities that have current affiliating school agreements with JHS. An affiliating school agreement is a contract between JHS and the nursing school. This agreement allows nursing students to complete clinical practicum at any JHS facility. This list will be updated every 6 months. The agreements that are proprietary relate to specific employees only.

All nursing students who wish to complete clinical practicum hours at Jackson facilities (Jackson Memorial Hospital, Holtz Children’s Hospital, The Women’s Hospital, Jackson North Medical Center, Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital, Jackson South Medical Center, and any Ambulatory/Primary Care or Urgent Care Centers) should make sure their school is listed here.

Financial Wellness

UW@WORK Financial Services



Learn About FREE Financial Coaching at a Jackson UW@Work Event Near You Earlier this year, Jackson partnered with United Way of Miami-Dade’s Center for financial Stability to bring the UW@WORK program to the health system. UW@WORK is an HR financial initiative that gives employees who make up to $60,000 a year access to a team of experts that can help them jumpstart their finances and achieve their goals. To learn more about what UW@WORK has to offer, visit one of their upcoming events at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Jackson North Medical Center, and Jackson South Medical Center. Services are available in Spanish, Kreyol, or English. For more information, email  or call 305-646-7175.


LinksUW@Work Financial Coaching | Home Ownership Benefits | United Way Paid Leave Contribution Form | United Way Paid Leave Donation Calculator| U@Work Financial Coaching | Fiducius | SoFi at Work

TSA Investment Options

Disability Income Protection

Short-Term Disability Income Protection
Long-Term Disability Income Protection

Long-Term Disability provides monthly payments to replace a portion of your salary if you become disabled.

Guide Links: Benefits Information

Links: Matrix Absence Management | LTD Certification of Coverage | LTD Policy

Flexible Spending Account


Mon – Fri, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET
Saturday, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. ET
Toll-Free Claims Fax

General Account Info – Voice Response
24 hours a day


Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Accounts that let you pay for eligible expenses with tax-free money.
Health Care FSA:
Minimum Annual Contribution: $260
Maximum Annual Contribution: $3,050
Dependent Care FSA:
Minimum Annual Contribution: $260
Maximum Annual Contribution: $5,000

Guide Links: Benefit Information

Links: FSA Reimbursement Form | PayFlex

Group Term Life Insurance Provider Directory

Life Insurance

Jackson Health System provides eligible employees with Group Term Life Insurance in the amount of one time the employee’s annual base salary. In addition, Optional Life Insurance is offered at the employee’s expense. Eligible employees may elect to purchase additional life insurance coverage between one and five times his/her annual base salary for a maximum coverage of $2 million.
• Group Basic
• Group Term Optional Life Insurance

Guide Links: Benefits Information

Links: Employee EOI Form | Life Insurance Certification of Coverage (Certificate 668926) | Life Insurance Certificate of Coverage (Certificate 668929) | Life Insurance Policy 668926 | Life Insurance Policy 668929

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company

Reliance Standard Life
Insurance Company
Matrix Absence Management, Inc.
24/7 for Telephonic Claims Filing or file online at

PO Box 13498
Philadelphia, PA 19101
Fax 602-866-9707

Housestaff Provider Directory

Housestaff Disability Income Protection

Jackson Health System provides eligibles Housestaff employees with a Basic Group Term Life Insurance in the amount of $50,000.00.  In addition, Optional Life Insurance is in the amount of $50,000 is offered at the employee’s expense.
• Group Basic
• Group Term Optional Life Insurance

Guide Links: Benefits Information

Links: Housestaff EOI Form

The Hartford /The Lawrence D. Share Company Inc.


Leave Management

Leave Management

Jackson Health System has selected Matrix Absence Management, Inc. (“Matrix”) as the new administrator for The Leave of Absence Programs in accordance with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Medical, Intermittent Leave, Educational, Military, Bereavement, and Jury Duty Policies.

The following leaves are managed by Matrix

• FMLA, Medical LOA, Intermittent LOA, Personal Leave >30 days
• Military Leave, Paid Veteran’s Leave
• Education Leave
• Nursing Education Days
• Funeral/Bereavement Leave
• Jury Duty

How to contact Matrix

• Web: (Employee will set up eServices ID to file online and view their claim detail on-line)
Matrix Mobile App: Matrix eServices Mobile
Phone intake center: (877) 202-0055
• Managers will begin coding Unplanned Personal Leave. Employees will be required to contact manager or designee directly. They will no longer call the Leave reporting line.
Links: Manager Coding Manual  |  Overview of the Matrix Absence Management Process  |   Education Day Process Flow  |  Absence Request Form  |  How To File A Claim |  E Day Filing  | JHS – Radar Supervisor Manager Training 

Managers SSO

Employee Health Services

Employee Health Services

Employee Health Services (EHS) located in the Jackson Medical East Tower, Suite # 1103 provides a comprehensive program designed to support healthy behaviors and improve health outcomes while at work. The program consists of: tobacco avoidance and cessation, injuries, illnesses, and medical screenings among the Jackson Health System (JHS) employees.  Walks INS are accepted.

REMINDER: Jackson North & South Return-To-Work Requirements
Jackson North and South Medical Center employees returning to work after medical leave do not go through Employee Health Services to get cleared prior to their first day back on the job. Instead, they must be evaluated by partnering Miami-Dade County provider sites. Supervisors must arrange their employees’ clearance visits. If you are a Jackson North or South leader and would like to review the return-to-work process for your staff, click here.

Reporting communicable diseases

Employees with direct exposure to patients are required to receive a tuberculosis skin test on their birthday month yearly. Tuberculosis skin testing and other medical surveillance programs are based on the risk for exposure in a specific work place.

·  Body Fluids/ Needlesticks
Links: Policy

·  Supervisor Referral form
Links: Form 

Return to Work Clearance (RTW Clearance Criteria)

Employee Health Services (EHS) is now accepting physician clearances (i.e. doctor’s notes), meaning, depending on the circumstance, employees will not have to be cleared by EHS if they are returning to work after an extended leave. To help collect physician clearance information, a RTW email inbox is now available, Staff members can email a physician clearance form rather than having to wait in line when dropping it off in person.
Links: Physician Clearance Form  |  Return-To-Work Clearance Form |  Policy

On-Site FBMC
Service Center

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET

Jackson Memorial Hospital
1611 NW 12th Avenue
Park Plaza West, L-109B
Miami, FL 33136-1096


FBMC Service Center

Monday – Friday
7 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET